Learning Resource

"Workshops and Labs Overview"

Extensive Facilities for Workshop Training Marine, Mechanical, Electrical and Computer.

✓ Modern Ship-in -Campus.

✓ Cad cum Computer Lab with high speed internet.

✓ Seamanship Lab.

✓ Firefighting appliances Lab.

✓ Strength of Materials Lab.

✓ Fluid Mechanics & Heat Transfer Lab.

✓ Electrical Machines Lab.

✓ Advanced Marine Workshop.

✓ Fitting Shop & Machine Shop.

✓ Swimming Pool facilities.

✓ Sports & Recreational facilities.

✓ Ship in Campus.

✓ Full Mission Engine Simulators.

✓ Firefighting Mock-up (Steel Containers).

✓ Pneumatic Simulator Lab.


A full-fledged, operating Ship in Campus is available at college for training the Marine Engineering candidates. The Ship in campus has been approved by Director General of Shipping, Mumbai .

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