Mechanical Engineering is one of the oldest Engineering disciplines. The Department of Mechanical Engineering was established in the year 2008. The Department has well qualified Faculty members. We have excellent infrastructure with well established Laboratories with machines such as milling machine, lathes, UTM, CNC, Refrigeration and Air-conditioning test rig. It is the only Branch of Engineering that can fit into any kind of industries. In Mechanical Engineering, Statics and Dynamics focus on how forces are transmitted to and throughout a structure when a system is stationary and as well as in motion. Materials science explains materials strength, Testing loads, stiffness, brittleness and other properties. Thermodynamics explains how energy is converted into useful power. Fluid mechanics looks at various properties including fluidic pressure and velocity and aerodynamic drag forces. Manufacturing is an important field of Mechanical Engineering which explains about machining and forming. Mechanical Engineers find job opportunities in railways, Transports, automobile industries, chemical industries, etc.