The Department of Aeronautical Engineering is started in the year 2023-24. We have a team of well qualified Faculty members. Aeronautical Engineering is a bright choice for an undergraduate study. The programme consists of courses covering important and exciting areas of Aeronautical Engineering such as Aerodynamics, Aircraft Structures, Flight Dynamics, Propulsion, Avionics, Aircraft Design, Jet and Rocket propulsion, Aircraft Systems and Maintenance. Students are trained well in modelling & simulation software packages such as CATIA, ANSYS, HYPER-MESH, and FLUENT. The students will also be trained in practical classes in Aircraft Systems Laboratory, Aircraft Structures Laboratory, Aerodynamics Laboratory, Propulsion and Aero Engine Laboratory, Simulation Laboratory, Aircraft Structures Repair Laboratory, and Avionics Laboratory. Department of Aeronautical Engineering gives a broad spectrum of education enabling the students to succeed in wide variety of careers including design, manufacture, maintenance and management of Aircraft Vehicles including airplanes, helicopters, gliders and unmanned aerial vehicles. There are a large number of opportunities and jobs available within the Aerospace and aviation industry and excellent opportunity for private growth and development for Aeronautical Engineer.