"Once an alumni, forever a learner. Embrace the journey of continuous growth and evolution in your post-graduate pursuits."

Southern Academy of Martime Studies has shaped many mariners such as Deck Officers, Engine Officers, and Ratings etc. The Alumni Association brings all these people together on a single platform and develops synergistic plans to aid and improve Institutional endeavors. The SAMS works to strengthen the alumni, so that the alumni can participate in various activities including cultural and social activities

Southern Academy of Martime Studies Alumni Association functions as a nodal agency for maintaining liaison with the alumni and to involve them in the development and growth of the institution. It will promote and encourage the alumni to exchange professional knowledge by undertaking and facilitating conferences, seminars, lectures and meetings amongst alumni, students, faculty and others. Continuous interaction with Alumni is expected to widen the placement opportunities of the students.

The Alumni Association conducts regular meetings wherein the members freely and closely interact with each other on issues pertaining to development of the college and also their role and contribution. Their ideas and suggestions are duly recognized and implemented by the college administration. The HODs also interact with the members of Alumni Association especially on the matters of curriculum design and development of value – added programs.

Alumni Day is being organized by the concerned in charges. Based on the convenience of the Alumni, Alumni day is celebrated every year. Alumni Coordinators are registering and coordinating the event.

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