Placement Overview

About Ship Board Training Cell

The Training Department organizes campus interviews by inviting various companies for training of the student on board. It fulfills dual purposes, one for students securing their future career, another for the industry securing the best fresh talent available in the region to train and mould them for their long time need of the employees.

The cell undertakes various activities of training and grooming of students in terms of conducting mock interviews, Group Discussion sessions, resume preparation etc. Along with providing Ship Board Training assistance to students. The Ship Board Training cell also helps in managing industry interactions and industry relations..

Ship Board Training objectives

To provide ample opportunities for Ship Board Training of Marine Students to achieve 100% Ship Board Training.

To organize campus recruitment for the students with Reputed Shipping Companies from all over India.

To prepare students for campus recruitment arranging training in Aptitude tests, Group discussions, preparing for Technical and mock up interviews through professional trainers.

To promote career counseling by organizing guest speakers viz. senior corporate personnel and most importantly by the immediately placed senior students.

✓ Tie-up arrangements with Shipping Companies for Campus recruitment.

Create awareness among students regarding available career options and help them in identifying their career objectives and Act as a bridge between students, alumni and employers.

The Board of activities undertaken by The Ship Board Training Cell

Formation of Students’ Ship Board Training Committees for final Ship Board Training and also for getting industrial training and industry linked project work for students.

✓ Pre- Ship Board Training visits (PPV) to the companies.

✓ Communication, networking and relationship building with the potential recruiters.

✓ Invitation to potential recruiters to visit the Institute.

Continuation of Ship Board Training t activities after the stipulated period, till all the students are placed.

Grooming and training of the candidates for the Ship Board Training so that their chances of selection increase.

✓ General follow-up, joining formalities and other administrative activities.

The Career Advisory Services

The career advisory services at SAMS, that go a long way in helping students find good jobs, include the following,

✓ guiding

✓ counseling

✓ training programmes

1. Personality Development Programme

2. Training and Placement Programme

Personality Development Programme

To groom our student’s career, personal attention and support is offered to each one of them. We are conscious of the fact that students who become employable must be adequately equipped with those personality traits that establish their presence with poise and perfection in real work situations. We understand that in the marine world, soft skills are an occupational requirement that complements a professional’s hard skills. Therefore, apart from providing a thorough theoretical knowledge and a real life practical experience to our students, we lay emphasis on such training that may instill a right attitude and aptitude in them..

We focus on their behavioral competencies and try to develop in them team spirit, ability to resolve issues, strategic thinking, leadership and all such traits that will contribute towards their career enhancement.

Special attention is paid to developing proficiency in communication for which we have an ultra-modern language laboratory laced with high tech electronic devices. This helps them to learn speaking in English correctly & fluently.

Students are also trained in writing their resume, preparing presentations and writing business letters. Mock interviews are organized to hone their responses and to enable them gain confidence. Seminars, group discussions, debates and quiz competitions are a regular feature that helps in chiseling their intellect.

Ship Board Training Eligibility

Students who fail to clear the academic exams & other formalities at the end of course, shall be removed from the Ship Board Training process and hence will not be eligible for campus Ship Board Training activities. Any major disciplinary actions will terminate the student from campus Ship Board Training activities.

SAMS - Ship Board Training Policy & Procedure

The Ship Board Training policy guidelines are as follows:

At the beginning of the academic calendar, students will be subjected to aptitude tests or counseled to chalk out their career plan- whether topursue higher education or to seek an employment.

The students who wish to apply to the shipping company are required to submit their resume to the Training and Ship Board Training Office before the specified deadline. No late entries will be entertained under any circumstances. It is obligatory on the part of these students to attend the interviews.

The Ship Board Training process would involve:

1) Personal interaction with the Ship Board Training team.

2) Appraising Students about the standard resume format.

3) Training students for facing the recruitment process by holding Group.

4) Discussions and mock interviews.

5) Visit of employers for recruitment.

The registered students will be informed about the visit of Shipping Companies when their schedule is fixed, through e-mail/college web site. (No personal calling will be made in this regard)

Students, who once register for a particular company, must present themselves on the day of the visit, failing which they may be black listed for the next two recruitments.

The Training and Ship Board Training Office will provide opportunities to all its registered students to secure job at the first instance, and pursues a policy of one student- one job till at least 90% (depending upon the discipline) of the students in a particular branch/discipline get a job.

Once 90% of the class gets one job, the students already having a Sponsorship with the shipping company will also eligible to apply for job.

The students selected through campus interview will complete all the necessary formalities (e.g. medical test) asked by the employer and will join the organization within stipulated time frame. He/ she will keep the T & P Cell update regarding his/ her progress in the Company. T & P Cell, in turn, will obtain regular feedback from the employer regarding the performance of selected students.

Ship Board Training Team

Head- Ship Board Training Officer- Mr. R.Kanaga Vijayan
Ship Board Training Co-Ordinators – Mr. P.KUMARAN

Shipping Companies and Organisations


✓ Pioneer Marine Inc.

✓ V.Ships India Pvt Ltd

✓ Navagatha Mercantile Fleet Management Pvt. Ltd.,








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